Easy English

Discover your journey to English Proficiency with Easy English. Are you ready to transform the way you learn English? With Easy English, your learning journey becomes an engaging and effective adventure! Explore the outstanding features and its Verifications (only available in the paid version).

Where do you want to learn today? From home, on the go, wherever you are: unlimited access anywhere in the world. Special Introductory Offer: 70% discount on the full version for the entire month of January and February ($0.99 instead of $2.99)! Don’t miss the opportunity to master English in a fun and effective way. Download Easy English Lite today and start your journey to fluent English fluency! Take advantage of the time during your commute to improve your skills.

A comfortable and flexible English study right from your sofa. In addition, to celebrate the launch of our app, we are offering a free trial period for all new subscribers. See for yourself how we can transform your approach to learning English. In the same way, with our app, there are no geographical or time limits. You can access it whenever and wherever you want, allowing you to learn English flexibly and in accordance with your lifestyle.

The pictures are eye-catching, the colours are bright and the quizzes are fun: your child will learn English through play. This app is a fun introduction to the English language for preschoolers. We will give your children the basics and we will get them used in a fun way, to sounds different from their native language. Enjoy our latest update, fixed and improved to provide you with a better learning experience.

Certified version for children is also available for a fee, with more content.

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